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Dinar dirham ORG is re-ORGanizing!

posted Nov 6, 2013, 12:42 AM by Dinar dirham ORG
In light of the emerging agenda of monetary transformation, Dinar dirham ORG will be reorganized as the platform of choice to promote the Monetary Transformation Programme (MTP).

The MTP was first announced by Irwan Ambak bin Khalid Izhar (a.k.a. Irwan ibn Izhar, the Interim Administrative Servant of Dinar dirham ORG) and was positioned as a primary agenda in his candidacy for the UMNO Youth Chief in recent party polls. A brief introduction on the MTP is available from Irwan's blog here. In continuing the promotion of the agenda, furtherance of the MTP may be coordinated between various entities with Dinar dirham ORG chosen as the platform of choice in providing an integrated applications service.

Nevertheless, Dinar dirham ORG will remain as a platform providing an integrated applications service; enabling Organizations / aggregating Resources / supporting Governance for Dinar dirham. Therefore, activities, content & events that relate to Dinar dirham will continue to be featured on Dinar dirham ORG.